Our School


Little Steps’ preschool curriculum spans 2 years to ensure a holistic learning experience for your child.  We work from lesson plans that have been developed by our teachers to ensure children enjoy interesting and challenging experiences. Our outdoor and indoor areas are designed to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and allow them learn as they play. Our staff work from a child centred philosophy so that each child’s individual needs and abilities are recognised.

Your child’s progress is documented. Completed work and photos are saved in a workbook which is taken home at the end of the year. You will also receive a preschool ‘report’ which outlines your child’s progress in the following areas: Personal, Social & Emotional Skills, Language & Pre-literacy Skills, Cognitive & Pre-maths skills, Music, Movement & Art , Physical Development  including Gross/Fine motor Skills. In addition we have a Christmas play, annual farm trip and an end of year summer concert. Our aim at Little Steps is to provide your child with a sound educational grounding and to ensure they enter primary school happy and confident.

Our school is open plan with specific areas linked to your child’s developmental stage.  The play area includes a home corner, a dress up area and a reading corner. As well as having different areas, there are a wide variety of other play and educational toys to keep the children busy.  These are educational play materials, linked to Montessori concepts, that will both feed your child’s imagination and meets their developmental needs.

Within this environment, the children are introduced to the world of conscious learning. The children work individually and in small groups and progress at their own pace.

Outside, we have a south facing play area with a sand/water area and games equipment which we use to the maximum, weather permitting.


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