Afternoon Montessori & Naíonra

Afternoon Montessori through English & Naíonra (Preschool through Irish)

In addition to our English speaking afternoon Montessori classes, we are pleased to offer Playschool & Montessori through Irish  for children who will attend Gaelscoil. Our Naíonra staff are trained by Forbairt Naíonra Teoranta in the use of Irish in a preschool setting.

The method used in Naíonra is known as Early Immersion Education. With early immersion, the child learns through a second language, in this case Irish. The Stiúrthóir or leader, understands everything the child says in his first language, English, but answers him in the second language, Irish.  This gives the child the opportunity to acquire Irish naturally through various activities and play. This is the chief method of learning Irish at Naíonra. Naíonra enables children to acquire Irish naturally as distinct from teaching them Irish in the traditional manner. Children hear Irish being spoken at all times by the Stiúrthóir, and this is how they learn.

There is no pressure on the children (or the parents!) to speak Irish. The children will begin to use Irish when they are ready.



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